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Friday, March 26, 2010

Shorty got me ON!!!!

Check me out on Mr. Richezz single "Shorty got me On!"

Friday, March 12, 2010

Black Is Love....

Black is Love...
When the lights are out and you are suspended in love with that significant other, you see the room clearer than when the sun is beaming through the windows. The sky is beautiful blue... there is no doubting that. When the night falls though be sure to witness the beauty and magic of the dark sky. The Creativity and Soul of the word Black. Typically viewed as something that is ugly or unworthy. Black is Bold Love Actively Connecting Kin. We are all family under one spirit. The color that makes every other shade or version relevant. Race is not the topic. Black is soothing, innovative and original. Black is everything I wanna be. Strong resistant and genius. It is so many things. Black is young vibrant and rhythmic. Black is expressive balanced and mature. At times criticized and stereotyped... but we vilify by making our stereo type.......LOUD. Black is simply beautiful......... to be continued

Monday, March 1, 2010


I've been doing some reading. Self education. Looking for a new way to motivate myself toward the greatness that I see in my future.

looking back into the past... I have a book I started to write in, sorta like a journal. Which I started a little while after I began this blog. This book has no rules. Nothing in it is formatted (similar to this blog lol) So I took a look into this book recently because I read a chapter explaining how powerful writing thoughts down really can be. Looking back and seeing where my life was and comparing it to today where I am happier and significantly more blessed I am definitely buying into the power of writing even more then I have in the past.

One thing that I wrote down that I will share is something that needs to be expressed is this
"MY MUSIC and how it helps ... How can I make something of it without compromising my integrity??"

What I wrote there stands out to me in the present cause I am at a place in my life where I see and have opportunity. A good friend and co-worker had a long talk with me about the risks I would have to take in order to attain the goals I have in mind. The thing at risk is my integrity.