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Friday, March 12, 2010

Black Is Love....

Black is Love...
When the lights are out and you are suspended in love with that significant other, you see the room clearer than when the sun is beaming through the windows. The sky is beautiful blue... there is no doubting that. When the night falls though be sure to witness the beauty and magic of the dark sky. The Creativity and Soul of the word Black. Typically viewed as something that is ugly or unworthy. Black is Bold Love Actively Connecting Kin. We are all family under one spirit. The color that makes every other shade or version relevant. Race is not the topic. Black is soothing, innovative and original. Black is everything I wanna be. Strong resistant and genius. It is so many things. Black is young vibrant and rhythmic. Black is expressive balanced and mature. At times criticized and stereotyped... but we vilify by making our stereo type.......LOUD. Black is simply beautiful......... to be continued

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  1. Black is lovely. Say it loud .... ! U get the picture. Well I think u did a really good job on this. Not exactly a rap but still a rhyme and I like it. My only thing is that it the beginning is so different from the end that they could be 2 seperate pieces. Try it!?