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Monday, March 1, 2010


I've been doing some reading. Self education. Looking for a new way to motivate myself toward the greatness that I see in my future.

looking back into the past... I have a book I started to write in, sorta like a journal. Which I started a little while after I began this blog. This book has no rules. Nothing in it is formatted (similar to this blog lol) So I took a look into this book recently because I read a chapter explaining how powerful writing thoughts down really can be. Looking back and seeing where my life was and comparing it to today where I am happier and significantly more blessed I am definitely buying into the power of writing even more then I have in the past.

One thing that I wrote down that I will share is something that needs to be expressed is this
"MY MUSIC and how it helps ... How can I make something of it without compromising my integrity??"

What I wrote there stands out to me in the present cause I am at a place in my life where I see and have opportunity. A good friend and co-worker had a long talk with me about the risks I would have to take in order to attain the goals I have in mind. The thing at risk is my integrity.



  1. The power of the pen is def underestimated. So keep doodling in ur journal. U may have the makings for a good book in there. Lol (inside joke). I think u should take the risk and go for the opportunity cuz u never know when ur going to have that kind of chance to make something of urself and ur dreams again. If u love what ur doing then ur integrity will be intact. No worries. Plus I think u have enuff common sense to know when u have made a deal w/ the devil. So jus go out and be a genius already :)

    peace & love