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Friday, March 13, 2009

Kindness For Weakness

Why take my kindness for weakness?

Since when is being kind some weak shit?

From my experience I've used more strength keepin myself composed

But I guess you think you know because you actually felt strength behind those blows

so..... I suppose

What I know is that ...My Strength in Will..

Far surpasses my strength in skill

it takes much less effort to kill

than it does to take it in stride and chill

An eye for an eye we both end up blind

But try and take this good eye I got left I'll lose my Motherfuckin mind

Don't take my kindness for weakness

Because being kind isn't some weak shit

The ability to display self control

when lines have been crossed ... vengeance you hold

Revenge being a dish best served cold

Be Bold Show You Have Soul

Be Kind To Those... Leave The Weak Shit Alone

1 comment:

  1. dont ya jus hate that shit??? I know i do..happens to me alllll the time..but i dont let it get the best of me..i jus say fuck it and keep it pushin..nice scribe rappoet!!