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Saturday, March 28, 2009

They Call Me Mr. HangTime LOL

Nothing is more fun than a group of drunk niggas walking up a manhattan block looking for something to bet about.

So this is the result of a night out. Happy G-day To my son Fabe!!!! Enjoy the video of me looking a fool


They call me episode ima jump and tap the new bus stop post.

(shout out to Fabe for throwing his hat up on the store awning because he couldn't get into the club with it ... with the intention of having me jump to get it down @ the end of the night.....I GOT IT THOO.....MR. HANGTIME...I'll dunk on ya baby mother!!!!)



  1. yooo, whats good wit ur mans african tribal war scream as he was jumpin lol..classic vid

  2. YOOo,i had no other choice but to put my hat up there i knew you could get it thats why i put it up there, that should have put the on but this is Funny video and night i had fun gotta do it again

  3. yeah fabe i feel u ....that should have been on the video

  4. okay lmao. ya'll are idiots..
    but uhm, Nuudle.. Can i get some money? Lol =]

  5. lmao shateek u a fool! im throwin his one up..on my blog lmao i love this video