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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Steve is Empowering Women

Steve Harvey wrote a book. My mom is reading this book right now. Also Steve was on Oprah this week promoting this book and answering questions for inquiring women in the audience.

So the hype about this book is that Steve is spilling the beans about men and how we feel about love and intimacy,views on relationships and other under(lying) emotions men keep secret. Things like what motivates a man to do the right thing in a relationship and in a career.

Does a comedian really know all there is to know about the game??

I personally think its a great way to make money. Women read alot... and what woman doesn't wanna know everything about a man and the way he operates..... SMART MOVE STEVE!!!!!

with that said ..... I'M WRITING A BOOK


  1. lmao at writing a sounds like an interesting book...I think I am going to check if they have it at the library.

  2. i swear i've seen that book a million times and i've been wanting to read it.

    write a book i might buy it idk im not promising im more of the borrowing and never giving it back type lol

  3. Tell mom I'm borrowing that book next. That kid Shateek is sooo deaded on his spot in line. :) problem?